Apr 29

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

C Zone
“Comfort Zone” is a state of collective behaviors created from existing levels of ability to carry out some work, actions or activities without having to feel the need to take risks. Condition of repeated behaviors, safety, repetitive life events and achievements.
The overall behavior and character of a person may be directly described through his or her comfort zone. Highly successful people often deviate and run from their comfort zone in order to realize their goals and dreams.
Comfort zone is kind of a mental condition that causes a person to create and manage a set mental limits. Such limits create unjustified feeling of security. It can be changed after you experience something new.
Usually everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone. When they need to get out of it to achieve their goals and dreams, people usually quit! This is one of the most common mistakes and struggles, because getting out of the comfort zone will lead you to changes, actions and achieving of your goals and dreams.
To achieve something big you have to constantly upgrade. As an example I will point out the education. We were all taught to write, read, think, draw, etc. in our first year at school. The next year we were again taught other things, because we have already knew how to write, read, think and draw, instead More complex things, things that upgraded us to different and more educated persons.
It is the same with sports or with business. At the beginning you might do 5 push-ups and you will barely run 500 meters, but with continuous training and making push-ups, the 5 will become 10 very easy and very soon we feel that we can do 10-20-50, and those 500 meters will be turned into 10 km. Only with progress and effort you will be able to do more and more. In business, think about what will happen to big companies like Apple, Samsung, Ford, Sony etc. if they don’t innovate and upgrade their business month to month.

How to get out of the comfort zone

The goal is that force that will make you leave the comfort zone and move up this mental barrier to higher and higher levels. Goals will motivate you to give your best each time.
One great tip to safely exit your comfort zone is to ask a little higher goal than that you can actually achieve. In that way you need try a bit more, put in more hours of work and more effort. That “a little more” is a powerful tool that will change your habits permanently.
The target can be higher monthly revenue, income, number of sales, finished tasks, kilometers walked, future dream, setting up new habits and daily routines. The possibilities are endless, but they setting up goals and targets is a well-know and tested way to get out of your comfort zone and be more successful.

      Final Thoughts about Comfort Zone                            

The next time you ask yourself, why am I working the same job? Why is my business at the same level for years? Why do I feel awful and overweight? Know that you are in your comfort zone and you have not done anything about it! So, set up goals. Goals lead to actions, actions will get you out of your comfort zone and it will help you improve yourself and feel a lot better!
P.S: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!